One of the biggest highlights of Jai Hind City project is that most of its select locations are situated in the periphery of a smart city. This means you get to dwell in an emerging city that promotes use of information and communication technologies to develop social and intellectual capital.


Smart City is Central Government's flagship scheme with a vision to provide housing to everyone by 2022. The ambitious scheme by the urban development ministry mentions that cities with population ranging between one and four million and the satellites to these cities would be the most appropriate to develop them as smart ones in the near future. For the development of smart cities, the government has already announced the funds of Rs.7000 crore.

How these cities are 'Smart'?

Smart Cities are solution to problems that residents of Indian cities face due to poor planning and maintenance.These cities are defined by extensive use of technology to make life simpler and more comfortable, while being friendly to the environment. In a smart city,infrastructure and amenities such as water, sanitation, energy, transport, public safety, education and health care are integrated and managed through technology for efficient governance and delivery. These state-of-the art cities will use technology to make life of its citizens more organised and less stressful.


  • Maximum travel time will be 30 minutes in small & medium size cities and 45 minutes in metropolitan areas
  • Continuous unobstructed footpath of minimum 2 meter wide on either side of all street
  • Dedicated and physically segregation of bicycle tracks on all streets with carriageway more than 10 meters
  • High frequency mass transport within 800 meters (10-15 minute walking distance)
  • 95% of residences should have retail outlets, parks, primary schools & recreational areas within 400 meters walking distance
  • 24x7 water & power supply to 100% household
  • 100% households should be connected to waste water network
  • 100% households are covered by daily door-step solid waste collection system
  • No water logging incidents in a year
  • 24 x 7 supply of electricity
  • 100% metering of electricity supply
  • 100% recovery of cost
  • 100% of the city has wi-fi connectivity & 100 Mbps internet speed
  • 30 minutes emergency response time for patients

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